Cheap  Snow Machine Fluid

We did a Test at the Adelaide Mini 2013 with shop brought an 2 different home mix's.

We came to the conclusion the differances with the shop stuff v's home made stuff

1. The 'snow' looks no different, blows just as high, sticks together as much.

2. The only slight difference We could detect is that the snow is a little bit more 'wet'.

Steve's Mix Rob's Mix My Mix
Bubble 60ml 120ml 450ml
ISO 90ml 240ml 500ml
Water 4850ml 4 Liters 8 Liters

The best type of Bubble Bath liquid, is one that makes alot of bubbles

(Ask your kids to try out the different types, 'funtime' is the one i use)

If you want bigger fluffier flakes, use More Bubble and LESS ISO to water (also turn your machine DOWN)
If you want a higher quantity of smaller flakes use more water an ISO to Bubble and turn the machine UP)


1. Pour 4 Liters of distilled water into a large clean bucket.

2. Add the Bubble Bath and mix.

3. Add the Isopropyl and mix again.

Note: Add the Iso to the water and not the other way around,
Since Isopropyl and Water react creating heat.

4. Pour The Mix back into your distilled water bottle

But be Careful when pouring the mix back into the bottle.
Even using a funnel will introduce air into the mix and cause it to foam.
If you are not watching, you'll have bubble foam EVERYWHERE
(I speak from experience on THAT one!)

5. Re-Label the bottle to read Snow Fluid

4Liters of Distilled Water $3.50
Bubble Bath $2.00
Isopropyl $
The total cost is around $8-10 for 4 Liters of Snow Fluid.

Snow machines work by blowing air through what looks like cheese cloth (in a cone shape) which is saturated by fluid.

The fluid is a bubble/iso solution and it creates very tiny bubbles that look like snow

The air pump then forces air throw an to the sides of the cone cheese cloth, causing it to snow.

If you have ever owned a Snow Machine
You will know how expensive fluid can be.

Despite all those dire warnings about voiding your warranty

the following recipe works great and won't damage your machine.

I personally think the warnings about using 'other than approved' fluids is bullsh-t

  1. Snow machines are NOT 'precision' instruments.  There's only a

    • small liquid pump
    • Air Pump
    • fabric 'sock'

  2. Snow Fluids (including those you purchase) are mostly WATER.

    I'll bet you do MORE damage to your snow machine if you use tap water instead of distilled.
  3. Everything in snow fluid has to be safe enough to be used around humans. 

Typically the manufactures all claim that using other fluids will damage the delicate 'pump' in the machine.

Take a look at this picture of 3 pumps:

These pumps are all from around my house:

One is from my tile wet saw, another from a garden fountain, and the 3'rd from my snow machine.

Can you tell which is which?

If you look closely, 2 pumps are identical.
-Those 2 pumps are from the wet saw and the snow machine.
If you have ever worked with a tile saw, you know that the water becomes saturated with very abrasive tile dust.
If this slurry doesn't kill a pump, my snow fluid recipe has NO chance!

At one time, someone tried to tell me that the longer this home made fluid sat around
The more harmful it would become to the snow machine.
I don't believe this to be true either.
As after the season i just pack the fluid an machine in the box, an 11months later it works no issues
No difference to the fluid colour or performance

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