RGB Flood Light Convershion

Demo of working 10w rgb flood

- Under Construction -

Not sure if anyone is interested but I thought I would post so that my work might benefit others.

I found a 10 watt RGB floodlight on E-Bay that was small and waterproof.

It comes with a remote and runs on 85V-240V AC. The unit has its on 12VDC power source.

Different RGB boards have been used on these floods

big warning

Please check that the earth lead is attached inside the flood, as they are not normaly, not having a earth could shock an kill you if there is ever a problem.

What I did was create a small circuit using H11A1 (optoisolators transistor output) and hijack the gate on the board inside the light. I run my board off the 12VDC from the built in power supply and lift the gates from the original board. Merely connect the three wires from the 3K resistors to the optos to the gates. I grounded the gates through a 10K resistor. If anyone wants more info please let me know.

One of the ones FireCop sent me was like this one. I unsoldered the resistors where the red, green and blue wires are attached. I bent the resistors out. I pulled all four wires back to the topside and pulled the red and black power leads through the drilled hole. Resolder the red and black power wires, solder the red, green and blue wires to their respective resistors using heat shrink to protect the soldered end. There are three SMD resistors coming off the gates of the fets, remove them completely. This is where you will attach the interface board, on the pad closest to the fet. Resolder the black wire coming off the LED module to the red power lead. I drilled a hole in the bottom next to the power cable and bush the cat5 through that. I used a small wire tie on the inside to hold the cat5 and sealed it with silicone. Strip back the outer sheath about 5" and insert through the second hole. Wire up the cat5 cable to the interface board and wire the the interface board to the original power board. May seem hard but it really only took me about 20 minutes to do the second one. If you would like more detailed pictures let me know.

here is a circut board layout

optos that has been used -------- h11a1 4n35

Misc Pictures

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