stage 1. The front panel, well the back of the front panel, I printed off letters on the printer, cut them out, an stuck them on the coro back with the letters back to front.
stage 2. I will paint the side with the stuck on letters with 'flat matt black'.
stage 3. Remove the letters off, an i have a sign that looks white at the front but only where the letters were will show throu.

stage 4. I'll get dum rgb modules an stick them on the back blank panel, so then i have a RGB Tune to sign.
stage 5. Then assemble the front to the back, an hot glue the side sections on it.

Since the Tune to Sign was made, Ive now made a LOGO sign, but instead cheated an used a Vinyl Sticker
These were some of the options the Sign Writer gave me.. (lots of fonts to choose from)

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